Wisdom Verses Knowledge

Wisdom Verses Knowledge

 Wisdom does not come from knowledge, it comes from love. Wisdom has nothing to do with logic but it has everything to do with love. Knowledge depends on logic and knowledge can give you a false notion of being, because knowledge is imitative. You can repeat beautiful saying of Jesus, the beatitude, and if you go on repeating them long enough you will start believing, you will auto-hypnotise yourself by constant repetition. You will start thinking, as if you know, and you don’t know at all.

Jesus is talking from the heart and you are learning from the head — and the difference is vast. The difference is almost unbridgeable, it is so vast. Knowledge is cheap, easily available. One can just go on sitting in a library and go on collecting knowledge. Man has so great a memory that it is said a single man’s memory system can contain all the libraries of the world. No computer has been yet evolved which can really compete with man’s memory system. It is almost unlimited and it can create such a great illusion of being wise.

Wisdom is a totally different phenomenon. It comes through love, it grows in the heart, it is a heart flower.



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    Great site love the quotes.

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