Why Do We Have Intuition?

Why Do We Have Intuition?

Intuition is to guide us and protect us.

Here are 10 tips on why we have and how intuition can be beneficial:

1) Guidance – Intuition is our inner directional guide. When needed, Intuition can point us in the direction we need to go. Intuition can show us the best route to take when there are many possible routes available to us.

“It is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover.”
— Jules Henri Poincare (1854 – 1912)

2) Protection – Intuition can alert us when something is not safe. We all have heard or experienced the sensation of the ‘hair on the back of our neck standing up’ letting us know that something is not right. A major part of listening to our intuition can help us to avoiding mistakes.

Intuition is useful as an early warning system to avoid possible dangerous situations. Our intuition works as a automatic self-defense mechanism.

“The power of intuitive understanding will protect you from harm until the end of your days.”  – Lao Tzu

3) Information – Intuition is an important way for receiving information.
It can simplify massive amounts of all kinds of information so that we
can determine the truly relevant pieces of information to work on.
Intuition especially is beneficial when having to sort out incomplete, ambiguous or conflicting information. Intuition can ‘see’ a troublesome situation as a whole, rather than different confusing fragments. You may get a flash of knowing or seeing to support your next step.

“There is no logical way to the discovery of these elemental laws. There is only the way of intuition, which is helped by a feeling for the order lying behind the appearance.” – Albert Einstein

4) Decision Making – Intuition can help us to make clearer and more useful decisions. Good decisions bring us progress towards things we want, more money, better relationships, success and happiness. Intuition aids us in avoiding poor decisions. Bad decisions lead to disappointment, confusion, loss of money, harmful relationships, suffering, failure and misery.

“We all possess something called “intuition”. It’s an inner “knowing’ which, when paid attention to, will help us make decisions and even prevent us from making mistakes!”  – Anita Foley


5) Change – When needed, our intuitive sense can help us make accurate fast paced changes.

Using your intuition and ‘Inner Knower’, once developed can help you in making on the spot decisions faster, from important decision making at your job, to simpler decision with shopping, family and friends.

“For making rapid needed changes, intuition is your best go-to advisor.”
– Anonymous

6) Checks and Balances – We recognize the need and value of checks and balances in our government, between the Executive branch, Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch. Checks and balances prevent any one branch from accumulating too much power and encourage cooperation between branches. The same is true for us.

Our intuition provides checks and balances from our and others thoughts and feelings, so that they don’t mislead or harm us.

Your intuition and ‘Inner Knower’ is in part there to take care of you and to remind you to have balance in your life.

“…Trust yourself to integrate intuition and experience. There is a balance, a harmony to be nurtured, between the head and the heart. When the intuition rings clear and true, loving impulses are favored.” – Brian L. Weiss

7) Learning  We all know that our education and continued learning process is vital to our development and success in life.
Intuition is a part of our education and learning function. Intuition points
the way to what to learn and how to learn it.

“The purpose of education is to enable us to develop to the fullest that which is inside us.” – Norman Cousins

8) Health – Along with your health professionals, using your intuition can aid you in better taking care of your health. Intuition helps you in making wise choices as to your diet, exercise, work and sleep routines.

Nirup’s Kitchen Plant Story:

I have a small plant in my kitchen window, which faces east towards the rising sun. The plant has four green leaves and two pink leaves.
It’s a pretty plant. The leaves were all facing outside towards the sun. I was seeing just the backs of the leaves.

One day I decided that I wanted to look at the front of the leaves, so I turned the plant around towards the kitchen. Two days later the plant had twisted the stems of the leaves so they were facing the sun once again. My little six leaf plant and all other plants have the instinct to turn towards that which will nourish them. Our intuition is our inner navigational guide to direct us towards that, which will nourish us. Our intuitive sense is there to help us find nourishment in all areas of our life…for our personal health, healthy projects, people who support and nurture us, and even playful endeavors that will help balance us and keep us healthy.

9) Spiritual – Intuition can shows us our intended spiritual path and for our spiritual development. Intuition can help us to connect to our spirit guides.

Developing our intuition and our ‘Inner Knower’ can help us to get in touch with the deeper subtle energies within us and around us. In order to connect with our guides and angels we need to be sensitive to their energies and their messages.

“There is a spiritual hunger in the world today – and it cannot be satisfied by better cars on longer credit terms.” – Adlai E. Stevenson

10) Avoiding Mistakes – Our intuitive still small voice can tell us when not to do something or when to not be with someone. This can save us from a great deal of unnecessary difficulties, problems, hassles and heartaches. This allows us to have more time to work with those things that will be beneficial to us.

Mistake Example –
There are those who act in a counter-intuitive manner.
There are some 30,000 gangs in America with over 900,000 members. Being a gang member many times leads to being involved in criminal activities.

These illegal tendencies eventually will take them to their downfall, ruin or incarceration. There are currently more than 147,000 gang members in American prisons.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors’ the servant and has forgotten the gift.” – Albert Einstein

“It is worthwhile in improving yourself to discover, listen to and act upon your intuition and inner knower.” – Nirup

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