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Nirup Barnum

Nirup-Sedona-Spiriutal-GgNBFrom a very early age, as a little girl, I felt I was different. There was a special something, a sense of knowing which would just come to me. I would get a sense of what was going to happen or what people might say or think and then those things would come true. As I was growing up, my family was very interested in mysticism and esoteric practices; and so I learned many things which added to and supported my psychic talents. For example, when I was fourteen years old, my father’s influence led me to having my first out-of-body experience. This had a major impact on expanding my world view of things, plus enhancing my psychic abilities.

In my late twenties and early thirties I spent a number of years traveling around the world. My focus was on peoples’ psychic life experiences, spiritual beliefs, customs and practices. I came to realize that people everywhere are searching and striving passionately for psychic and spiritual experiences.

This led me to search more intensely to understand and develop my own spiritual nature, and psychic abilities so I could help others. While in Bali, I had a meeting with a woman who guided me to a psychic center—the Osho School of Mysticism in Poona, India. I began formal training and was there for seven years focusing mainly in the areas of Psychic Development, Past Lives, Intuitive Counseling, Meditation Methods, Body Relaxation and Spiritual Awakening Techniques.

Further psychic studies, along with spiritual and psychological work, took me throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, Asia, Europe, Central America, Bali, Fiji, Thailand and Australia.

In addition to my studies, I led psychic seminars, workshops and individual personal sessions. I continued my studies and graduated in Hikomi Counseling and Creative Psychological Therapies. I also deepened my training in Aura & Chakra Balancing/Healing, Psychic development, Reiki and Jin Shin Do Acupressure.

I now continue my psychic work in Sedona, Arizona. I offer sessions in Spiritual Counseling, Spiritual Mentoring, Psychic Readings, Meditation, Spiritual Vortex Tour, and Psychic Development Trainings. Sedona is quite a mystical and beautiful location and I hope you have an opportunity to visit us. When I have free time I enjoy hiking in the red rocks of Sedona and expressing my creativity where ever it leads me.

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My Psychic Reading with Nirup was everything I could have hoped for. She helped me in seeing the right steps for me to take to heal my relationship, and did a psychic and intuitive reading of want lies ahead for me in love and happiness.  I now have the clarity on what I need to do in my relationship. Thank you Nirup. W.T., Los Angeles California